No.6 was initially launched in 2005 as an under-the-radar shop in in the Little Italy/Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan, carrying carefully curated vintage and hard to find small European designers. No.6 has quietly gained a cult following among women in the know for their handmade shoes and aspirational yet accessible ready to wear clothing. Ultra comfortable clog shoes and boots and printed silk dresses — both made entirely in the US — are the brand’s signature pieces.

Owner and designer Karin Bereson’s goal is to create pieces that can be worn over and over, and can easily complement a woman’s existing wardrobe. In her own words, No.6 is a brand for “anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

The company culture relies on having something for everyone, not catering to the latest trends but merely acknowledging them, resulting in pieces that feel directional but completely wearable. The No.6 customer is a huge mix of celebrities, models, stylists and editors combined with everyday women just wanting an easy shopping experience who look forward to the guidance the staff provides.

Bereson’s aim is to have a brand, a website and a brick and mortar store that resonates with humor and friendliness in an industry that is often known for its exclusivity and seriousness.




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